Vegetable Pizza

veg pizza.jpg

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1tbsp sugar
1cup water
salt to taste
2 cups maida
3tbsp oil,
1 finely chopped onion,
1/3 cup capsicum,
1/3 cup tomato,
1/3 cup paneer,
1/4 cup corn,
1/3tbsp chili powder
2tbsp dry yeast

Preparation method:

Take a bowl add dry east, sugar and 1cup of water.
Mix very well.
Wait to let the yeast bloom.
When the yeast has bloomed add oil and salt.
Mix very well.
Now add flour to that mixer.
Mix very well.
Now apply oil to dough lightly to do not get dry.
Now dough was ready and wait for 30min.
Now the dough volume was increased just punch it down.
Put a Microwave oven for preheat for 200degreeC or 400degreeF upto 10min in convection mode.
Take a pan and spread oil on entire pan before add dough to pan.
Now add dough to pan and it to entire pan.
Give 1 inch space to corner of the pan.
Apply tomato sauce to dough and add cheese, onions, tomato, capsicum, paneer, sweet corn, chili powder.
Put into oven for 20min with same heat. if the pizza is still not roasted put 5more min in oven.

Now your yummy yummy pizza ready.

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