Spring roll wrappers

Springroll wrapper.jpg


Maida -1cup

corn flour -1tbsp

salt as required

Preparation Method:

Take a mixing bowl and add maida, corn flour and salt.

Mix all ingredients very well.

11.pngNow add 1cup water and mix well to get smooth and slightly thin consistency without any lumps.

The batter should be in following consistency. If it is more thin add few spoons all purpose flour. If thick, add few tablespoons water.

12.pngNow take a pan on low flame. The pan should slightly hot not too hot. Grease the pan with oil. For nonstick you can skip oil. If it looks like sticking then brush the pan with oil.

Now lift the pan from stove top burner add 3tbsp of the batter in the pan. Every time you have to lift the pan from stove and spread the batter. If you keep on the stove you can not spread the batter properly.


Spread the spoon in clock wise to make thin pancake.

Add 1 to 2tbsp of water if batter become thick while spreading and preparing the wrapper.

Cook the wrapper till sides start curling up and wrapper becomes kind of translucent.

No need to flip and cook other side just cook one side lift the wrapper with spatula.


Place it in tray or plate with cooked side facing.

Allow to cool and then place them with side on top and keep them in a bowl.

Prepare all wrappers this way.

Here all wrappers are ready. Once they are at room temperature, you can start making the spring rolls.



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