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Potato Sandwich

Potato sandich.jpg

Prepare time:15min

Cook time:15min

Serving: 4-5persons


Bread slices -10

Potato: 2medium size

Tomato -1cup slightly chopped

Capsicum -1cup slightly chopped

Yellow bell pepper-1cup slightly chopped

onions -1cup slightly chopped

Sweet corn -1cup boiled

Red chillie powder -1/2tbsp

Pepper powder -1/2tbsp

Cheese grated-1cup

salt as required

Preparation Method:


Take mixing bowl and add boiled potato. Mash that potato.

Add capsicm, bell pepper, onions, sweet corn, onions, tomatoes to that potatos and lightly mix it.

Now add red chillie powder, pepper powder, and add salt as required.


Mix everything very well.

You can taste that mixer if you feel anything is less like chillie or pepper powder or salt you can add them as per your taste.

Take a 2 bread slices in a plate apply butter on them.


On one bread slice apply potato mixer. And add grated cheese on it.


Cover that bread slice with second one.

Take a pan on stove on low to medium flame.


Put this bread pieces on it and cover with plate and apply some pressure it.

After few seconds turn the bread pieces into second side.6.jpg

How much roast you want you can roast it.

Now serve that delicious sandwich with tomato kutchup.

Potato sandich.jpgPotato sandich.jpg


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