Breakfast · Sancks

Poha rice


Prepare time:5min

Cook time:25min

Serving:3 persons


Poha – 2glasses


Tamrind water -1 cup

Onions -2medium size

Potato -1big size

Turmeric powder -1/3tbsp

Urad dal-1/2tbsp

Chana dal-1/2tbsp

Musturd seeds -1/2tbsp

Curry leaves -1clove

Green chillies -6 to 7

Salt as required

Grated Coucunt or Coconut pieces – 2to 3tbsp

Preparation Method:

Take a 2 lemon sized tamarind and soak it cup of water and keep a side.


In a bowl add poha wash it with water once and remove the water then keep a side.


Take tava or kadai add 3 1/2 ladles of oil on low flame.


Add urad dal, chana dal, mustard seeds, curry leaves to oil with low flame.


Mean while take a blender jar add green chillies, coconut and salt with 1tbsp.


Blend the jar slightly and keep it a side.

When dals should become light golden colour add aloo fry it for 2min with low to medium flame after that add onions.


Fry them until onions changed to golden color.

Now add turmeic mix it once and add green chillie mixer.


Mix everything very well.

Gently squeeze the water from tamrind to cup and add that tamarind water to the mixer in kadai with medium flame. Instead of tamarind you can also use lemon juice.


Mix it well for every 1 to 2min.

Fry it until water should absorb and oil comes out with. It will take 10 to 15 min.


After water should absorb add poha to the mixer in kadai in a bunches with low flame. For each 2 to 3 bunches mix it once.


After adding all poha in to that kadai mix that poha very well.

Keep that tava for 2 to 3 on low flame. You can taste it once and if you want to add salt or lemon you can add.


Now serve the hot Poha rice with roasted chana dal powder (putnala or pappula podi).


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